Prestige 500S 2011 Motoryacht Features / Layout Review – By

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Stephen Deac says:

He’s fucking not into this video… passive, boring… get beast on this bitch.

zepeterinma says:

Looks like a tall man’s headache.

wolfpackflt670 says:

luxury and affordable should not be used in the same sentence.

Roland Karlsson says:

videon är helgrön går inte att se alls!

THExPURPLExWOLF Gaming says:

Wow I want

marcospbcampos says:

Great review! Nice boat! Congrats!

BellinghamsterTrail says:

The beautifully appointed owner’s suite was sure a surprise. Although I had wondered why the couch was mounted away from the wall and it turned out to be a stair well. I’ve never heard of a Prestige Yacht before but it certainly appears to be one to consider in this size range.

Владимир Фёдоров says:

хороша лодка…

jorge maciel says:

lancha muito bonita !!!

Weldon Hastings says:

capt. Steve seemed a bit less enthusiastic than normal. something was missing here

hellsbaby127 says:

The Decks are 15″ wide? although there is only three inches for your feet, I know it’s all about entertainment for guests and the fact that most of these boats are tied up for most of their lives, but at minimum I would want 12″ width for my feet. Really liked the ‘V’ berth turn double idea. 

Stephen Deac says:

I was harsh but I love this boat!  I’d take it Capt Steve.  Thanks for the clear video.  Cheers.

Michael p says:

prestige world wide. world wideeeeee

Hermione twelve says:


Stephen Deac says:

sorry, “cracking because of heavy seas?  Bullshit dude, let’s just call the counters cheap! Come on man!

Tom Hawley says:

Someday… Someday…

Greg Appelgren says:

perfect boat

HDscreenerX says:

you guys should anything with a wide lens for your reviews, something like gopro 3+ would do great. ordinary view cams doesn’t give as good impression as the wide lens cams in close spaces.

Leesha Naeem says:

yes like

Roland Karlsson says:

Audio is OK though!

aguyandhiscomputer says:

7:29 Looks like the table lowers so you can turn it into a sofa.

Andrew Fallon says:

and the equivalent from Sunseeker (the apple or overpriced company in the yachting community) is a little more expensive than the Riviera

Priceless Music&Films says:

this is a lovely boat for the coast

Roland Karlsson says:

The whole picturefr5ame is green! Can´t see anything at all!

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

Damn that is cheap for what it is

Stephen Deac says:

I like the electric lynch… go beast!  He’s electric!!! Go Hawks.

Roel Saludsong says:

I must have missed the engine section.

theSharu999 says:

Give us full details about security features and advanced technology system of yacht weather system or any

Ukraine732 says:

great review

Andrew Fallon says:

The equivalent yacht that from Riviera the Sport Yacht 5000 (i think that’s what it’s called) is $1,200,000

Light Yagami says:

Did an excellent job reviewing that boat.

Stephen Deac says:

I’ll take the Marquis please… cost effective?  Is this the K Mart of yachts.. bullshit.

RednBlack Gaming says:


Mathieu O'HARE says:

captain Steve! just a bit of humility your only a boat test pilot! pffff

ExoticGaming says:

I think 500s means $500,000. What affordability

德远船舶 says:

we can offer it in china

hard games says:

Vai to no cu

RB Productions says:

Affordability means what exactly? How much is this boat?

mg gyi says:

incredible and wonderful boat i hv ever seen. very good accomodation with plentiful of spaces and comfortable seats

stjohn727 says:

If the 500S stands for 50 foot…well t is just a boat…not a Yacht…anyone who has been Yachting from the decades onward…knows that a Yacht starts at 54 foot….period…..

ncsr111 says:

Hmmn, very prestigious . . .

Juan Marc Millan Cladera says:

this boat is incredible

dougefresh133 says:

No mention of the boat’s length?

snois2 says:

800k? thats kinda overpriced 

but i guess its because its a new model, atleast in 2011

Miigueel says:


Adot Boss says:

how does this yacht cost

Aleksandar Ivanov says:

how much does it cost?

Moninn Yem says:

Nice! Excellent review. I’ll take it for 500 bucks, and no more…

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