Sunseeker 131 Luxury Super Tri-Deck Yacht Boat Tour – London Boat Show 2016

Check out a tour of the largest Sunseeker to ever make its debut in London.

Based on the classic Sunseeker deep V hull, this large tri-deck yacht is equally comfortable operating at 10 knots for an extended cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles or at 23 knots for ultimate performance. Build time for each new 131 Yacht is around one year, with capacity in place to have up to five yachts in build simultaneously.


Maly Pivo says:

I suspect the people who buy these yachts are real dicks when I look at this guy talking about the food lift and crew quarters :d

Lorraine Henry says:

Tidy the cushions and straighten the chairs before filming. Attention to detail.

julieBaby says:


WildMan says:

Отличная яхта.

Jack Hammer says:

I love her large natural space!

Merle Therrien says:

I cant wait to order mine!
And by order mine, I mean order a McDouble at McDonalds because that’s all I can afford.

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Great video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Nelsons DockYard Marina, Antigua in the Caribbean.

ballygowann says:

Damn it….I wish I was rich or that I was born into a rich family. Some people live amazing lives. Can you imagine a life where living around this kind of luxury is the norm…. When I die and meet God I am going to give him a kick in the nuts.

Robert Houghton says:

Do the sunseeker 155

Greg O'Meara says:

How big is the garage?

DXCommander says:

A scripted sales pitch I ever saw.

Red Dragon says:

How much does this thing cost???

Tavis Young says:

The master state room has a 3″ foam mattress? You gotta be kidding me! 3:20

sejo tosant says:

My father is poor also myself..boohoo

antoNIO says:

Logan…. our boat….the sunseeker…

thesloveniaboy123 says:

Why is so fucking dark?

Reg Plate says:

Chairs not pushed away neatly’ cushions a mess and one has fallen over! What’s going on? Schoolboy errors.

Coco Carpenter says:

How much does it cost?

ADB Pro says:

my dad has one of these. I love it. its sooooo nice.

Gabriel Teschner says:

Mrmle, mrmle a nikto mu nerozumie!

Dastan says:

Maybe I’m just asking a stupid question but how do you have wifi on a yacht?

John Smith says:

Sunseeker simply does not understand design. Just awful.

lenso010 says:

let’s take a look 🙂

Galaxy Pickle505 says:

How much can a yacht like this cost

stjohn727 says:

No doors into the master in suite (Head)…put doors back in….very tacky… one who owns Yachts spends hardly any time in the galley…..Most of the furniture looks like K-Mart specials….to much beige……exterior of the Yacht is great…love Sunseeker’s….Take a look back at the Sunseeker 115 foot…..interior and exterior have it all over this Yacht…who ever did the design for that Yacht…well hire them back…if it is the same inertior design team….then take them back to what they did on the older Sunseeker’s.

james bower says:

nice and relaxing, a bed and kitched table for the crew – Nice

BradsonMan says:

may one ask the price? I’m guessing 40 mill.

Harry Gordon says:

new investment

Gustaf och Oscar says:


Da Gifted4 says:

The tour was great

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