The Best Yacht for Under $2 million

The Best Yacht for Under $2 million

On a blisteringly hot day in Fano I take a look at the local yacht builders that launch here and reflect on what, in my opinion, is the finest yacht of it’s type ever to have been built: The Ferretti Custom Line 94′.

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Vincen Cohan says:

Just talking no yacht shown ever

V-E D'hoore says:

I love your videos!


Bad choice of shirt colour

soulchowdown says:

David, just researching for a future motor yacht, if money was no object which 3 brands would you recommend/have yourself, thx in advance

Amon says:

now I just need the 2mil

jjaus says:

Please learn how to pronounce simple words. Innovative, for a start.

Jorge Urrutia says:

Shut the fuck up and show the boat..

Captain Mike says:

Azimut is a mut, I took a ride on a big one and the bow was so small in 4 foot seas it seemed like far to taxing, they look great but are not Ocean Cruisers but great look at me weekenders

Antonio Lightly says:

I have been watching yacht videos for 6 months. I can’t stop, I love them I really want one, can’t afford it. 1 day?.

Arwyn says:

can he please stop sweating?

Brad Benjamin says:

What did I just watch?

Marcelo Russo says:

the host is melting … wtf kkkkkkkkkkk

Andy James says:

David, thank God you didn’t use this music on the Da Vinci yacht video!

Captain Mike says:

This has me thinking why did I spend 850k with tax on a Boston Whaler?

donthaveone donthaveone says:

they’re not quite the same as the three million dollar yachts are they Master!
you will have to send me the letter and give me clear instructions!

Jack Derry says:

You people are mean he is doing an awesome job

john philips says:

thanks bro.

Сергей Журавлёв says:

Great video and great info!

Ernesto Sanchez says:

I expected less sweaty guy and more yachts

David Blalock - Livin' Life says:

Audio quality on this video is horrible. No matter how much I turn up the volume, his voice is still muted and lost in the background music.

joey hertig says:

How about best yachts for under 500000

Michael G says:

I just bought a rotted out cabin cruiser for 1700$.   Its the closest ill ever get to a yacht I reckin.   Whatever, it still floats and runs!

Chris Lamb says:

Where the hell is the boat

pojebanymeno says:

Usually I love those videos but this one ? No not really. Please invest and use gimbal or other ways of stabilization for your shootings next time. Software stabilization is horrible to look at.

Bad Gator says:

this doesn’t have shit to do with boats under $2m— bait and switch! hahaha

double dbow says:

my man’s out here sweating

3nr1c 01 says:

iam the type of person whos watching videos about million dollar Yachts but cant even afford some new pants

Hahakite Kite says:

Nice click bait prick

Blake Smidt says:

Hi. Do you think you could do a video on a princess 30M

Will Horin says:

What a bargain, only 2 mil!

Grandpa the Grey says:

Where’s the YACHT?

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