In the hope that my videos may have inspired some of my viewers to part with their hard earned cash and purchase a yacht, this video looks at the best yacht that can be bought for under $5 million. There are thousands of yachts available for sale on the market, so it is important to first have a clear idea of how you intend to use the yacht. Of course…a good yacht broker can help you with the benefit of his experience too.


Dude on a computer says:

6:21 lol Ting!

Van Wijk TV says:

Very lovely

Husam Mirie says:

So wen will you make a YACHT giveaway 😛

Andrew Bobb says:

what about princess yatchs

David Earnest says:

The Nordhaven line are my personal favorite. This old engineer loves simplicity.

Jose Carbajak says:

Thank you , I could never pay 6 million for a boat . 🙂

jack jones says:

5:43, she’s the one…

Kellington Link says:

Interesting options… I am curious of where the most activity is at, in the above 40m (sub 60m)market. I would assume that there may be many yachts commissioned pre-2008 that would be interesting options. Personally, I think that the ‘sweet’ spot in the market is 2006. Big boats, designed with big budgets… but 2 years later…. no buyers and fewer (than anticipated) charter options as an owner/operator. Thanks for another excellent video.

thegreatmonster says:


Greedy Rum Pirate says:

I need a new yacht, fast, gas efficient & easy to install security. Not too big, price range from quarter to half a million. Material alloy and solid engine construction documentation. China imports don’t harden/temper the steel properly.

Chet Meyerson says:

If you going to spend $5,000,000 then spend 8 minutes for some FREE expert advise! Great video, David!

NewTonG says:

Two yacht i love now for under 5m Mangusta 108 and Couach 3700

Stéphane Julien says:

Is there a maximum boat size an owner can operate alone ? I mean without an all crew team. Sorry if my english is not good.

أحمد عبدالمنان says:

Make sure that this video is going to be every were

2100jul says:

Love your videos. Would it be possible that you, once in a while throw in some yachts between 500.000$-1.000.000$? So that we poor peasants down here have an achievable goal? Thanks Mate 😀

Ganesh Shetty says:

Did you ever mention fpb series. Guess it calls for a whole new episode.

bill4nier says:

Good, helpful info! Thanks, David.

Bear Jew says:

When you buy one you need a crew

kz Zzz says:

Shit my budget around 4.9 m

Fred Scribner says:

Some of these so called bargain yachts are gonna cost well over a million dollars a year to operate. If I had five million to spend on a world cruising yacht I’d get a brand new Fleming 65 and run it myself.

Wade Harrison says:

Thumbs down from the yacht manufactures he didn’t list LOL

Clint Whatley says:

Thanks David. Candor with Class

Mark shaz says:

Great video David, thanks

kaffegubbe says:

I’m whant to learn more about explorer yatch. Would be intresting to see a video about that.

Cool Mellow says:

Thanks David. That was a good comparison to requirements.

Milton Baxter says:

whats the yacht on the poster in the background?

Krzysztof Jarzembowski says:

Something up to 18m, so you can drive by your self is…?

Rishi says:

Another great video!

App Magician says:

for around 5 million you can get a nice VanDerValk flybridge model

Richard Berglund says:

As always great video.

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