The Most Expensive Yacht In The World

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Join us while we take an inside look at the most expensive yacht ever built. The History Supreme is a $4.8 billion dollar masterpiece!

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The Most Expensive Yacht In The World


Mr. Luxury says:

Taking out my new yacht this weekend, in need of a Captain, any takers?

LogicalSense says:

If I gold plate a Mercedes it will increase it’s monetary value…but decrease tasteful buyers incentive to even consider looking at it much less purchasing it. By weight I have doubts there is that much gold plating to equal the value he has stated. Weight would be an issue.

KCImages says:

Wonder how much 5 B would help something like Cancer research ? F these people !!!

paul murray says:


TV2016CHANNEL says:

can barely afford fast noodles

Bert Francis says:

Missing Jesus Christ

KamekoBruns says:

This is where shit get’s stupid. “There’s nothing more to innovate so let’s just throw as much expensive crap on it as we can to drive the price up.” Good on you if you can afford that but whoever bought this is a chump.

This is nothing more than a gilded super yacht which fits since the only thing Stuart Hughes does is design gilded iPhone and smart watches. He doesn’t innovate. He just tosses more useless expensive crap on something someone already designed.

riptorn says:

At the end of the day they do the same thing as any poor person on it, just party.

240fxst says:

Take it to S.E. Asia or W. Africa.

marine aquarium says:


JAMES KYRIE Gelicame says:

In the summer of 2011, Stuart Hughes, a UK-based designer, claimed he had been commissioned for the world’s most expensive yacht, the 100ft History Supreme. Hughes claimed on his website that the yacht was bought by a Malaysian businessman for £3 billion. 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum were supposed to be used for this project in addition to railings and anchor made of precious metals.

With such a reported price, the story spread like wildfire across national media based on Hughes’ statement. Italy-based, Baia Yachts however later came forward with a statement saying that the story was fake and that Hughes had taken pictures from their website, which he then tried to pass off as his own concept.

Vladyslav Varizhuk says:

Ahh yes.. The AZZAM.. My favorite

Mickey Price says:

why not just make the whole thing out of gold if you wanna get all super pricey with it? it’s a nice boat but not worth that. The other boats look amazing

Subesh balendranathan says:

Wrong information

William Reffett says:

I want proof 200,000 pounds of gold not that you bought it that you actually put it into it

Waqar Ghulam says:

From the title I can tell you are a fucking looser. No yacht can cost that much, and no one will pay that much, no not even Bill Gates.

julini says:

For a “shrewd businessman” he got taken. Dinosaur bones, meteorites, gold, platinum and all. Or maybe he’s trying to take the next buyer to the cleaners by overstating its worth. Anyway, it’s his money, I sure don’t have as much and I’m not even hating, just pointing out either he got played or he is the one playing the next owner of that thing. Unless it can fly into outer space and still navigate under water like a submarine, it ain’t worth it, at least imo.

Jeremy Griffith says:

It needs a tank a personal tank just for me

rustytr says:

Whoever can afford that deserves to sink with it.

Incognito ONE says:

What a waste of fucking money! This is just a VULGAR DISPLAY OF WEALTH!!!

Martin Szoke says:

This does not show wealth or class just how BIG an ass someone can be…

Lieutenant Yang says:

With that Price tag Rather buy a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and wouldn’t worry been pulled over by priates

fett4life says:

F@@ k this bull. Real people are in need. My heart goes out to everyone that sees this BS !

William says:

LOL not even close to be worth it

borna asi says:

Everyone knows the hatch isn’t worth even 1 billion. But when ur 900 years old and have 15 billion dollars you really don’t care whethere it costs 4 million or 4 billion. Better to spend it all in enjoyment then die saving every dollar like you can spend it in the afterlife. But what shocked me most is that “starts at 50k,” for a week cruise. Are u fucking joking? For 50 grand you could get that 3D tv, a hot tub 5x better than that one and a butler for a couple months. Fuck that, what a rip off, should be 5k for 5 days (or 1,000$ a night) for the best suite. It’s crazy their charging 50,000 for 7 days in an apartment sized room with a slide. You can rent an amazing beachhouse for a couple days with that and have 10 times more fun than sharing a boat with drooling kids and soccer moms on anti depressenants

Ton Wu says:

4.8 is a rip off

DaViE DiSKoMcDee says:


Robert Petrik says:

Four-point-eight-billion my ass! Even if the whole thing was made out of pure 24-karat gold, it would still cost much less than that! I think it’s a straight out bullshit that anyone on this planet has ACTUALLY paid that much for this heap of metal junk! Maybe 48-million (if that) — or the individual is just trying to make a YouTube income with this over-exaggeration (in other words LIE), that’s all there is to it. My “peasantly” $10-Million yacht looks about as luxurious as this $4.8-Billion junk and the $10-Million vessel is at true market price. I mean get a hold of yourselves, do not ever believe that the price indication on this junk is truly that!

randy roti says:

Un freaking believable……that’s just insane…..I’m not that big into water, so I dont think I’d want something like this. I’d rather own cars…motorcycles…property/land…

Doubting Thomas says:

I disagree. The second happiest day of my life was when I bought a boat. The happiest day was 3 years later when I finally sold the overpriced, underpowered, money guzzling fucker to another idiot.

Mickey Mouse says:

Mr Luxury, more like Mr BULLSHIT, FACT!

Bassment says:

It would be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen watching that sink.

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