Tour the 2018 Ocean Alexander 100 Luxury Yacht

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When it comes to luxury and seaworthiness, the Ocean Alexander Yachts​ 100 cannot be beat. We had a chance to meet up with MarineMax Baltimore​ General Manager TJ Rose to tour the 5 stateroom model of this magnificent vessel!

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MrPrettyBoyChina says:

I want to buy a yacht

Sam krieger says:

Unique means one of a kind. Very unique is a phrase used by very stupid people, bastardizing the English language .

Vincent Penebre says:

What’s the average price for a yacht like this

Nick Robinson says:

Must be nice to afford something like that.

ben thomson says:

Yeah I’ve stopped this 4:51 in because the camera is so bad. This is out of my budget for the moment regardless, however, please take this well and get the large lense. It will make this so much more watchable.

Doug M says:

TJ is coming from me. wait….. I didn’t even touch him

Ayesha Gull says:

Life is good for those who could afford wow adding cruising to your trip plan is great

Sabira Bhuiya says:

Johny sins?

Beranek ART says:

Best Yachts needs great Art

MarineMax says:

Click Here to Schedule a Private Showing of the 2018 Ocean Alexander 100:

Andrei Pastushuk says:

Great tour! Thank you TJ!

Scott Lincoln says:

How much for the 100 TJ

LandonGendur says:

The interiors of these boats are just stunning. Timeless wood & chrome accents everywhere.

andi79h says:


matt hombre says:

5:13 I frigin love night head

crazy daisy productions says:

What is the msrp

summs1000 summers says:

the point is see that wood all that stuff it came and will go somewhere, the point is who wants to something that hurts us, you say its economics but that kills the point of how uneconomic that is, its funny to think this is the dream to own 100 million dollars of stuff to box yourself in from anyone who doesn’t, its so sick how happy you rich folks are at rubbing it in but when your only with family your completely disconnected

norm lor says:

watching the flick “Indecent Proposal” got me interested in how the “other” half(1%) live like and John Gage’s Yacht made my spine shiver. unlike that Pig Trump who has no class but is loaded, Gage is loaded with it which makes all the difference. can you let us know that price?

wantapgt says:

Need a new guy and a new camera. Wide angle please.

[damnFAIL] says:

why there are few yacht using solar panel?

Charles D. Frith says:

I have two Questions: 1- Are there any Ocean Alexander 78 sky lounge  on the market between 2014 & 2017? & 2- What is the NM range of the Ocean Alexander 78 @ 10 to 12 Knots.

Oriental Tiger says:

I’ll take it. I have ten dollars!


‘water bottles of water” xDDDD

my2centz says:

You need a better camera man this guy has no idea what he’s doing. We’re missing so much because he’s aiming in all the wrong places

ben thomson says:

You need to invest in a larger lense. This was not a good video.

Matt Recreational says:

Only if I had the money

SeikiBrian says:

At 9:19 did he say BBQ grills are “anonymous” on yachts this size, or are my ears playing tricks on me? LOL!

I’m guessing he meant they’re ubiquitous.

Luke Dixon says:

Who can afford this. They are building slot of boats for a very small market.

keith herbert says:

what is the cost

Bren Chomsky says:

The railings outside is so low  that you can easily fall in the water.

shark agario and more says:


Amy Fifth says:

the only thing i care about can you play xbox one on it ?

Stanley Mars says:

I’ll take 3 please!

Hesam Sa says:

Poor Interior

Zerf Natipall says:

how much this yachts

Sagar Rout says:

Man you look lik Jhonny Sins

Zev Belk says:

But does it RGB?

Doug M says:

TJ is cumming from me. wait….. I didn’t even touch him

SeikiBrian says:

What lubberly making fast with the dock lines! Wrap after wrap after wrap! Make two figure-eights on the bitts and then Flemish the remainder on the deck, or loop it and hang it from the rails.

Rik Deputte says:

Not really a lot of launch area and sunbeds…

Robert Griffith says:

Does it come with a turtle holding pen? I like turtles.

TheCory Moten says:

Next week my mom and dad is buying thier new mega yacht

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