Triple-Engined 2,400hp Azimut S7 | Review | Motor Boat & Yachting

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Bill Wileman says:

I thought it was one of the poorer reviews. Next to nothing about engines and ips and surely not the normal cameraman? A long way to go and I would have thought a more in depth review of the boat would be a bit better with rather less on the furnishings and back to professional cameraman.

JvMr333 says:

Nice but I really hope all the vids from now on are not just one man jobs with a phone, without any running footage.

1dashcamboatsandcars says:

Fancy pants

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Motor Boat & Yachting — Awesome ship, pathetic excuse of camera work, and low end video quality. Goodbye, UNSUBSCRIBED!

Warcloud 1 says:

You’re a failure

Didrik Olsen says:

excellent. your reviews keep getting better. keep it up.

MrMislav says:

Terible filming.
With mobile phone?

mike ooi says:

Rounded corners everywhere and flat floor. Great for safety

William Biggs says:

6:50 great seats and great console – there’s no way a seated person is operating any control from that distance. A person’s fingers barely exceed his knees. There’s about another foot to the closest controls. You’re not reaching the buttons. You’re not reaching the wall-mounted gear. You’re certainly not reaching the screens. I doubt the screens’ angle is not conducive to a seated person’s view.

HO says:

So much glass. I don’t understand how these Italian designers and boatyards (mostly Italian, but also Sunseeker, Princess, etc)(have started churning out yachts for the Med that have so much glass the A/C needs to be turned on 100% of the time to keep the saloon temperature tolerable, even with the shades down or the top open.

subarokec says:

I don’t understand who docks these yachts, the fenders and even moorings are tied wrong. And this is a 2.5 million euros yacht! Clove hitch and cleat hitch are two great knots and should always be used for fenders and moorings. I remember seeing premiere of the new Fairline 63 GTO on a boat show last year, and the moorings were tied up so wrong it was terrible.

Marlon Sorken says:

A bit like a floating nightclub, only Italians can get away with this sort of thing. There is no gravity and ‘sea level’ means what it says on the tin. MBY is my favourite monthly and Jack is a top presenter and journalist, three thumbs up.

Kit Bennett says:

Due to the size of the boat, the fact that filming with a stabilised phone is totally fine. More dissapointed by the boat. I love Azimut but the interior design has lost its comfort and turned into an architects office. It’s not warm and welcoming. It’s cold and clinical. Was looking forward to a bit more on the engines but hey. I’ll give you hand if you want a hand on a princess review. 😉

Jameson Cross says:

It’s a proper 2.5 million dollar boat apparently. Looks like it cost 400,000 to build.

Cobb Knobbler says:

Kinda cold and sterile. I’d prefer more wood and warm finishes.

Alex Green says:

I don’t think our understand how long I’ve been waiting for this boat. It’s just ugh so beautiful

subarokec says:

I like the new presentations shot with a phone and no professional editing because it looks much more as if the viewer is on the yacht.

Derek Bland says:

Mmmmm another engine to be serviced.


Nice boat for a cocktail party but as for family and friends lounging watching tv or kids playing around its just a waste of space! It looks great but after you leave port and get into your trip the practicality is not their! Its just a pretty piece of jewelry! Look at azumit 60 fly or princess 68 fly this boat is not even in the same league for family friends to enjoy the FULL boating experience!! And those boats are a few million pounds cheaper! And price is just ridiculous who would pay MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars for a boat that is one dimensional! As i said if you want to have an over night cocktail party its immaculate to look at but thats all it has to offer! And who would seriously buy a yacht at this price for that only!! !!


The new 60 is way nicer! This is an overpriced piece of jewelry!! Main deck has so much wasted space only the one lounge/dining area!! And the fly bridge is a waste of time only good for captain to pilot boat!! I think its a waste of practical space and just over decorated! The new galeon 640 is 10 times as good as this boat and half the price! HALF! Dont get me wrong azumit are master builders but i think they have gone overboard with this!! It looks great but once you have made a few trips that wares off and its space and practicality you want! Especially in a boat! You can sleep 8 but put 8 people in main deck you have a problem as only one sitting area! Having a dining seating and a lounge would split the crowd for to different conversations going not one! The 60 is a far greater boat and just as elegant!! This boat is for 4 people only and over 60 foot! Overpriced jewelry

Mike T says:

No running at sea review? or do MBY now think that £2M+ yachts  are now just quay side apartments or? was Jack low on Azimut review list and only allowed a short walk around the yacht with a mobile phone for a review .. kinda disappointing feels like I’m now waiting for the 2nd half of this review, feels only half finished (yes I do subscribe to MBY read the full review, but a video is so nice as well

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