I have produced well over one hundred videos covering some of the world’s finest yachts, as well as asking the question whether it is better to rent or charter, and buy new or pre-owned.
This video takes a look at the best place to keep your yacht though, and specifically four of the worlds’ most wonderful marina developments. From Port Vell in Barcelona to Limassol marina in Cyprus, Monaco, and the famous Porto Montenegro…her are some of the very best places to keep your yacht.


Nicholas Robinson says:

another brilliant video thank you

Mike Harms says:

These marinas do presents soft targets for a would-be no gutters my friend brought this up to me when we are looking at this video is what if somebody took hey heroshima size atom bomb and detonated 20 miles off the coast but still on the continental shelf you would need a large weapon the cause a massive tsunami that put every yacht on the beach or inland that’s why I never liked these highfalutin marinas because they present too much of a target for a would-be terrorist with a airline or something like that have a great day I prefer marinas that are reasonable Martinez handle anything from 30 ft to maybe a hundred and fifty feet of Max

erhan tz says:

Hello David,
Please visit Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina in south west of Turkey , maybe you may change your ranking. By the way great videos.

TheAltair236 says:

awesome impressions 🙂

Albert Labos says:

Glossy nonsense. We need to know details of security, waste disposal, communications, victualling, port rules, use of showers, hairdressing and barbering, medical, bureau de change, meteorological services, the rest is for gawking grockles.

Thierry Pasteur says:

Great video as always! What are your thoughts about Port Vauban in Antibes? Is it also amongst the best or has it some disadvantages compared to the 4 ports in your video?

Mark shaz says:

Thanks David, Barcelona it is then.

Chet Meyerson says:

More great and interesting info. Mega Yacht owners require mega marina’s and the standard they provide. And that’s probably the reason you didn’t hear from USA mainland marinas. There is literally nothing on shores of the Atlantic or Pacific Coasts that can compare the these 4 marinas. You’ve been to Ft Lauderdale (for the boat shows), what;s your take?. They are almost slums in comparison. I’m heading to Spain in 3 weeks and will be sure to train over to Barcelona and see that marina in person. I’m sure my 18ft yacht could find a home there 🙂

Trius says:

Why do people with all that money go to Monaco. There is nothing there. Go to Venice, Genova, Split, Dubrovnic, Barcelano etc.

elsamso says:

How much does it cost do keep it in these places?

Pete says:

I had to mute to give my ears a break. Sooooo, do you listen to this “music” as you go for a leisurely drive or perhaps listen to it during dinner? Or do you just try to torment as many people as possible because you can?

Yachtonly Marketplace says:

Montenegro, of course gorgeous marina! However, there are many paradise marinas, where large yachts simply do not fit.

R Martin says:

Just out of curiosity, what is the 2019 cost for a gallon of diesel at each location? Is there a limit as to how much you can purchase at any one time?

CJ says:

The error sounds as people were calling you sweaty man talking had me laughing out loud. Stay classy internet 🙂

grondhero says:

The Americans may have been asleep when you sent your e-mail out. Pesky time zones. 😉

John Rhodes says:

Simple question,
How much is it to berth at Monaco ?

Keith Clayton says:

Always a pleasure watching your videos. I am interested in the American marinas, if they do end up getting back to you.

Shubham Maurya says:

How Yacht Owner will be safe from Modern Pirates ???

Keith Clayton says:

Mr. Seal: It may be a bit off-topic but if you think it could be a good addition to your stellar content I would find perhaps a sort of mini-documentary on the workings of the kitchen and it’s staff on a megayacht to be of great interest.

Amanda Ashton says:

Marina Ibiza is excellent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEGfYEFKSk0
So much improved than the older facilities there a few years ago. I had long wanted to go to Capri Marina Grande and got the chance last year on board a Clients 35m yacht, bit of a let down if I’m honest!

Jalil Sarkis says:

Check “ zeituna bay “ in beirut
Or “ dbayeh marina “
Lebanon is a hidden jam

chad hult says:

Another fantastic video

thegreatmonster says:

Yes. I’m going to repeat that: SHAME on you, marinas in ‘Mericuh!

Maria das Santos says:

Why have all my bosses sold their boats and are renting this Summer?

Ne0c225 says:

How about marinas in south east asia? Don’t know where to berth my imaginary amels 272! 😀

Nokenify says:

Quality content as always. Wish I could have this “problem” as where would the best harbour be for my expensive megayacht.

chandler bing bong says:

*My imaginary yacht is so big I have to anchor it off shore*

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