World’s Most Expensive Yacht Up For Sale | CNBC

The Ulysses is one of the most expensive super yachts ever built and it is currently on sale for just below $200 million. CNBC’s Phil Han reports.
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World’s Most Expensive Yacht Up For Sale | CNBC


wingnutofcoolness says:

I want to get a decommissioned aircraft carrier as a yacht. I would tell other rich folks,” I can land jets on my yacht, suckers”.

Guy Rutledge says:

Some people have WAY too much money.

darkmath100 says:

(sarcasm -on)
No, no no! I can’t look forward and see a cluttered deck. Am I living in a trailer park in Alabama? Please. Ulysses is too small. It needs more below deck storage. What’s need is something the size of an attack transport like the ones that carried the Marines and their equipment when they invaded Okinawa. Anything less is insult to luxury yachts. I’m sure that’s why Mr. Graeme Hart had to go back to the drawing board. Ulysses is unacceptable. I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules.
(sarcasm -off)

garret bowen says:

not the most expensive yacht haha

tvall says:

perfect tender for my super mega yacht

Kollmaier132 says:

I got 3$

C. Lincoln says:

You literally need to have at least 10+ billion in your account to even consider this toy.

Everett Cox says:

There’s one owned by an Arab Sheikh that is festooned with 24 carat gold. iirc it cost around $3B to build. And there are others right around 150-200m that cost far more than this one does. Azzam for instance…

Tom Pinion says:

When is it enough? A larger yacht? Give me a break!

TJ Devereaux says:

It’s a disgusting display of wealth and greed, no one person should own something that big, it’s just not right.

Blu says:

im only about 193 million dollars short

CaptainArt777 says:

What a terrible way to show this yacht. Really bad video. Hey, this is CNBC, so what do you expect?

quest 34667 says:

but…….can it blend?

Ty Waters says:


Jason De Pieri says:

1) she’s not the most expensive (there are 500-600 millions $ yachts)

2) they are building another one, slightly bigger (116 mt)

Ian Shaw says:

Does it come with a full tank of juice?

Mister Mood says:

what a waste of money.

Superb Media Content Creator says:

MISSTATED HEADLINE, FAKE NEWS. The reporter states clearly “the most expensive yacht for sale” not that it is the most expensive yacht.Poorly constructed video stories by “kids” that don’t know what news is and have no respect for “exactitude.”

Sam Ibeling says:

I need a GoFundMe page to afford this

jonathan bell says:

Geez, for that price, I’ll take two lol

T Tan says:

I saw a ship

1MrZackdaddy says:

will you take a check?

_____ _____ says:

I’ll but it in *GTA5*

Angela Akinbohun says:

Check out this video.

Lordeverfall100 says:

so the guy is selling it and getting a bigger yacht? The owner must be a sad sad individual. I bet nothing makes him happy.

Kun Lee says:

CNBC letting the 99% of its viewers know that they are peasants

Baalpoop says:

It doesn’t have a submarine or a reusable space vehicle on it so it doesn’t have everything proper explorers demand….

BosoxnationI972 says:

What a bargain! And it only costs $232,000 to fill it up at my local Marina. Unfortunately, it would cost double that in Europe where gas is more expensive. That will definitely melt your Visa card.

Douglas Stormborn says:


Mike Capper says:


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